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Outsource your Inbound with award-winning bilingual marketers




Why we exist

Increase our clients' sales by defying the status quo.


The name Digifianz comes from a combination of the words "digital" and "defiance". It represents our inbound agency's essence - which is to defy the status quo of traditional marketing.

Our Inbound Marketing team is made up of a creative, non-conformist, detail oriented group of certified professionals who are passionate about driving client success.

Our award-winning team focuses in getting leads for your company and converting them into customers. We're a proud HubSpot Silver Partner and fully embrace Inbound in everything we do.

Digifianz works with CMOs and other marketing team leaders at mid-to large-sized companies to develop effective content marketing strategies. We focus on taking results-driven action, increasing content creation and optimizing conversion rates by developing successful lead generation & nurturing campaigns. 


Outsourcing in Argentina

One of the most influential cities in Latin America, Buenos Aires is well known for being the "Paris of South America". Its cosmopolitan and dynamic community also nurtures a latin american hub for the fast-paced technological industry.

Thanks to the premium quality of local expats and bilingual professionals, countless businesses decide to outsource their marketing efforts here.

This enables international enterprises to maintain top quality output while increasing their profit. Due to the beneficial exchange rate, partnering with a Buenos Aires based company, is - on average - 25% cheaper compared to US agencies.



The Leadership Team


Daniel Patiño

Managing Director

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Luis Silva-Ball

Managing Director

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Romina Graffe

Head of Content

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Ricardo Ontiveros

Head of Operations

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Alberto Saldivia

Head of SEO


Maria Fernanda Travaglini

Head of Sales


Manuel Silva

Head of Finances


Axel Candia

Head of Technology


Juan Mendoza

Head of Reporting 



Our Partners